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Did you know that #LEEDworks in bulk? In addition to individual building certification, LEED also includes certification paths structured for organizations seeking certification for multiple buildings.

You have two options for certifying multiple buildings:

  1. LEED volume certification
  2. LEED campus and multiple building certification

1. LEED volume certification

LEED volume certification meets the needs of companies and organizations that are ready to apply LEED across a portfolio of similar buildings. Using this option streamlines the LEED certification process by focusing on similarities in building design, operations and delivery — no matter where they are in the world.

For organizations that certify multiple buildings within a given timeframe, this option offers valuable economies of scale for both new construction and existing buildings.

Consider LEED volume certification if you:

  • Build, own, or operate buildings that are similar
  • Have established green building practices for building design and construction or operations and maintenance processes
  • Have a large number of projects to be submitted for LEED certification
  • Feel efficiency and corporate social responsibility are important

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2. LEED campus and multiple building certification

LEED campus and multiple building certification is available for multiple buildings on a single site and offers a number of options to help project owners determine the best, most cost effective way to reach their goals. In some cases it’s one single certification that applies to many buildings and in others it might be reviewing credits once to be utilized by a number of certifications. This process can be used with any of the LEED commercial rating systems.

A campus can be any shared site; it doesn’t have to be a traditional university or corporate campus. This path has been used by hospitals, universities, commercial property management and even a zoo.

Consider LEED campus certification if you:

  • Have two or more buildings located on a single site, that are controlled by a single entity
  • Would benefit from projects being able to share LEED credits and strategies with one another
  • Are constructing multiple buildings that are very similar
  • Manage projects that follow the same policies and plans or share the same vendors

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Project Manager, W+Z Architect Engineering
Hi Selina, I have no idea about price updated information of LEED Campus Projects? How abour the registration and certification fee for campus and inside multiple buildings?
Hello, our campus have five LEED certified buildings, and we have alreadly purchase plaques and stickers, but hadn't purchased stands for those plaques. Could you please give me a link for purchasing. Thank you very much!
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Devin, thank you for your question! Stands and other types of mounting hardware for LEED plaques can be purchased from Green Plaque here: http://www.greenplaque.com/leed/hardware.
Green Mystic in Residence, Catalyst Partners
Hello Selina and USGBC, Is there a "streamlined" option in EBOMv4 projects? I have three NCv09 projects finalizing certification that would like to go for EBOMv4. What options are available?
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi John, The campus and group certification approaches are applicable and the streamline options for existing buildings pursing LEED v4 O+M certification. Please refer to the LEED Campus Guidance at: http://www.usgbc.org/resources/leed-campus-guidance. For further inquiries, please contact us at http://www.gbci.org/org-nav/contact/Contact-Us/Project-Certification-Questions.aspx.  
Green Mystic in Residence, Catalyst Partners
Thanks, Alex! I've given that document a good read through and took some notes. I'm recalling a "streamline" path that was available for v09 BC+C projects pursuing EBOMv09. Certainly, having a few buildings on a single site could be streamlined for a Campus or Group approach, but is there any 'shortened' path to certification in EBOM (v09 or v4) for projects that have just achieved NCv09 certification?
Mechanical Engineer
I am looking at registering for a project involving multiple (approximately 10-15) industrial type single/double storey buildings on a site. It includes offices, workshops, staff areas, maintenance facilities etc. Is LEED CAMPUS the right approach for this?
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Rohan, Thanks for your interest in LEED Campus certification approach. More project information is needed for us to help you make a decision. I will email you directly to follow up.
Vice President, Technical Solutions, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Paula, I would be happy to answer your question directly because it is difficult to provide advice without project details. It is unlikely that you would need to use both the Volume and Campus certification together on one project. I will email you directly to follow up.
Consultant Engineer, Ingeniero Mario Pedro Hernandez
Hi Selina, I have to certify two buildings that are placed on a single site, and this prototype is going to be designed and constructed in many cities of the Country. As I undersand, these kind of Project will apply first for Multiple Building Certification, and then for Volume Certification. Is it right?
Director, Marketing, USGBC
Hi Paula, It sounds like there are a couple of solutions that might work for you but we need a little more information. A member of our technical solutions team will reach out to you soon to help you decide of the best path. Thanks!
Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Both good points. We should also remember that the LT section of the V4 Building, Design and Construction rating systems now have a credit that awards projects points being located in a LEED ND project. Another way that ND can contribute to multiple building certification.
Principal, Criterion Planners, Inc
The other important option for projects with multiple buildings is LEED for Neighborhood Development. Is there a reason ND wasn't included?
Director, Marketing, USGBC
Hi Eliot, that's a great question. It’s certainly correct that a LEED ND project can include multiple buildings and can even encourage multiple building certification. That said, LEED ND generally isn’t used as a streamlined process to fully certify multiple buildings because the included focus on the surrounding community and infrastructure.

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